Terms & conditions

The undersigned client hereby assigns the task of creating a portrait photographic service to Serena Genovese. 

The Customer acknowledges that accepting these terms the photographer renounces other photographic services for the agreed date. 

The investment to have artistic portraits is made up of the time and talent of the photographer during the shooting, a whatsapp consultation, the selection and post-production of your images, and the delivery on online gallery. 

In case of cancellation of the service, the deposit paid will not be refunded. The deposit is transferable in case of necessary change of data. To move the shooting session it is necessary to notify 48 hours before the session itself. If it is not possible to carry out the scheduled photo session outdoors due to bad weather, the photographer and the client will agree on an alternative date in the shortest possible time, without additional costs

The photographer is not responsible if the customer does not show up or does not facilitate the shooting session

Customers must arrive on time, in case of delay the delay time from the photo shoot will be deducted.

In the event that the finished product from a shooting session is unusable due to technical problems (failure of a camera), the photographer will shoot a new service at no additional cost. 


The service will have a strong creative contribution linked to the inspiration and competence of the photographer

The remainder of the payment must be made on the day of the event by cash (in EURO).
Digital payments are possible + 10%.